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House | Valašské Meziříčí

One volume for social events, the second for relaxation, the third connects the first two and we have a COMPOSITE! The whole building is conceived as a set of several elements connected in 1 coherent mass. The 5 bedroom bungalow is set on a slope with a western orientation. The main entrance is located in a wooden connecting element that connects the 2 masses with the living rooms. In one there is a round room, a utility room, a separate toilet, a bedroom with a dressing room and an en-suite bathroom. In the other is the living room with kitchen and dining room, bathroom and 3 bedrooms. From this lounge area there is direct access to the terrace and the adjacent garden with swimming pool. The spaces between the masses are covered by a continuous area that provides cover for 2 parking spaces, the main entrance to the property and allows for seating on the terrace even in inclement weather. As a result, all the functions needed for a happy life are mixed in one building.

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