We are here to give a shape to your dreams.

10 years of experience
30+ projects
8 architects

  • Consultation first

    Are you going to build? Visit us to consult your planned investment (free of charge). During the introductory meeting, we will discuss the fundamental aspects of your project. We estimate the financial complexity of the plan and its feasibility concerning the planned budget. We will acquaint you with the schedule of similar projects, and we will describe the entire design process from the design of the building through its approval to the successful realization.

    After the first meeting, we will prepare a price offer for our services, a rough financial analysis of the project and a preliminary schedule of actions needed to realize your vision successfully.

    Let’s get started

  • Then design

    Each building is original that requires a different design approach. We can process all stages of project documentation, from the architectural study of the building through the documentation for the building permit to the realization documentation of the interior.

    We will advise you on the scope of design activities needed to realize your plan during the first consultations, and together we will choose the optimal procedure.

    Let’s get started

  • Successful implementation

    We will help you with the selection of contractors before the realization. We monitor compliance with our documentation during construction, communicate with contractors, participate in inspection days, and actively resolve unexpected situations.

    Throughout the process, we will ensure communication with the authorities and the issuance of all necessary permits. Finally, we will celebrate a successful realization.

    Let’s get started

You and your project are unique. Just like us.

The most important thing for us is to find the most effective solution while respecting all the limitations and bring your intention through creativity and diplomacy to successful implementation.

Shall we put it together?

We are here to give a shape to your dreams.

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