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City library

Architecture competition - AWARD | Česká Lípa

The ambition of the design is to present the city library as a modern cultural and social centre respecting the historical values of the place. In order to revive the genius loci and redefine the urban relationships in the area, it is necessary to complete the missing buildings and sensitively relate to the character of the surrounding buildings. The new library recognises the historical context while presenting a modern architectural concept.
The library is divided into three buildings, which form a coherent complex thanks to a uniform material design. However, each of the buildings retains its distinctive shape. The physical separation of the individual buildings allows for responding to multiple stimuli simultaneously.
It reveals the history of the original development by looking at the remains of the city walls, which are a distinctive structural element incorporated into the building. Through its division, the building connects several communication routes that meet at a single point in the restored courtyard and are directly connected to the surrounding square. This offers passers-by the opportunity to pass through the site without having to enter the building. As an object serving the public, the building does not close in on itself, in the courtyard, away from the surrounding events, but instead, by its division, opens up to the social life that takes place in the streets of the city and invites people to visit the building.
The courtyard is also in constant contact with the newly created public space defined by the dominance of the local basilica, which the library does not want to compete with, but instead complements and enhances in a dignified way, which is particularly evident in the iconic, almost sacred shape of the entrance building.
Although the individual buildings are separated from each other and each has its own specific shape, the context of the entire public library complex is clearly visible, containing inspiring corners for cultural events, study and relaxation.

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